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Advantages of Value Builder…

The Value Builder is an affordable life insurance plan designed to help you protect your family and yourself. It allows you to build a cash value whole life plan to protect your family in the event of your untimely death, while also allowing you to build a fixed annuity to protect against the possibility you may outlive your savings.


is designed to provide security for your loved ones when you are unable, while at the same time, accumulating an annuity plan for yourself. The Value Builder provides a winning combination by uniting a modified whole life policy with a tax-deferred annuity rider. As you live, the value of the tax-deferred annuity increases to provide funds whether for planned or unexpected needs. In the event of an untimely death, the life policy provides protection.


  • For your loved ones when you are unable.

  • A retirement income stream one cannot outlive. Income to a surviving spouse.

  • Accumulation of cash for planned and unexpected needs as emergencies or repairs.

  • Guaranteed cash growth.

  • Tax-Deferred savings.

  • Funds to help pay for a future education.

  • Funds to help pay outstanding debts.

  • Funds to help pay for final expenses.


Your agent can help you choose the Trinity Life Insurance Company Value Builder plan that is best for you and your needs. Ask your agent for more information today. The process is simple. The results are gratifying. Value Builder…A Permanent Solution.


NOTE: If the entire balance was withdrawn from the annuity at the end of the 30 years (assuming 4.5% interest), $63,752 would provide $54,302 after taxes (assuming a 28% tax bracket), an ADVANTAGE of $3,230 over the taxable fund.

  1. Annuities are insurance contracts and are not guaranteed by any bank, nor insured by the FDIC.

  2. Not all riders are available in every state. Ask your agent about availability. For full description of rider terms, see policy contract.



If you died tomorrow, would your family have enough to cover final expenses like funeral costs, final medical bills, legal costs, or income tax and estate expenses? Would they be able to make your mortgage payments? You can choose a Value Builder policy to help meet any one of these objectives.


For peace of mind, Trinity Life understands that you want to know what your premium payments will be each premium payment period. That’s why the Value Builder policy offers you a predictable level premium payment amount that is guaranteed. Scheduled premiums are only required for either 10 or 20 years depending upon issue age. No further premium payments are required, or you may choose to continue to make payments to your Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity Rider.


The cash values your Value Builder policy accumulates may be used when you encounter an unexpected opportunity or emergency…or they may be used to supplement your retirement income.


Premium payments to your annuity rider grow tax deferred during the accumulation period, allowing you to earn interest on funds that you would otherwise have paid as taxes. For annuities, lump sum withdrawals or periodic free withdrawals may be subject to federal income taxes equal to the amount of interest withdrawn and may be subject to an additional tax penalty if the owner is younger than age 591/2.


With the Value Builder annuity portion, you can enjoy competitive fixed returns on a tax-deferred basis. Beginning in the second year, an amount up to and equal to the insurance premium may be deposited into this rider. Deposits into your annuity may even continue after the life insurance is paid-up.


  • $1,000 Annual Premium Payment

  • Taxable Growth (28% Tax Bracket) –4.5%

  • Tax Deferred Growth –4.5%


Because fixed annuities are designed for retirement planning, early withdrawals from your annuity rider may incur surrender penalties. If anytime during a contract year, you choose to take out more than the 10% annual penalty-free withdrawal, the Value Builder assesses the following surrender fees:


Additional Rider Options
Trinity Life Insurance Company knows that each person’s life insurance needs are unique. That’s why we offer you so many options for customizing your Value Builder insurance plan.2

Accidental Death Benefit Rider – (ADBR)
If the Insured dies in an accident prior to attaining age 70, the beneficiaries may become eligible for an additional death benefit. This rider is available at issue ages 21 years - 65 years.

Increasing Term Rider – (ITR)
This no cost rider pays a death benefit equal to the premiums paid in the life portion in addition to the life insurance benefits if the Insured dies during the first 10 years of the policy. This rider is available at issue ages at 15 days-20 years.



Neither Trinity Life Insurance Company nor its agents offer tax advice. The information contained in this brochure summarizes the insurance policy and our understanding of current tax laws that relate to this insurance policy. See the policy delivered to you for exact terms, definitions, limitations, exceptions, and conditions. We recommend that you consult with a qualified attorney, accountant, or tax expert for advice regarding your specific situation.

All benefits are contingent upon premiums being paid in a timely manner. Available only to individuals ages 15 days to 80 years. Product not available in all states. Must meet underwriting requirements and qualifications. Not all applicants will qualify. If a policy is applied for and issued, coverage will not be in effect until approved and the first premium paid.

Value Builder:

Form (VBP series) This Base Policy provides the death benefit.

Form (VBP-DANR series) This Rider provides the availability to make premium payments into a flexible premium deferred annuity. This Rider is attached to, made a part of the policy and it is automatically included.

Form (VBP-ADB series) This Rider provides an additional death benefit if the death of the Insured results from an accident. This Rider must be applied for, requires an additional premium and is not automatically included.

Form (VBP-ITR series) This Rider provides an additional death benefit if the death of the Insured occurs during the first 10 years of the policy. ONLY available for issue ages 15 days to 20 years. This Rider is attached to, made a part of the policy, it is automatically included and does not require an additional premium.

The benefit in the event of suicide during the first two policy years or allowed by law may be limited to premiums paid. For cost and complete details please contact:

Trinity Life Insurance Company
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